The FBP, or Forkliftable Build-up Platform, is a new kind of slave pallet that enhances your cargo handling operations so you can get more done with less. The FBP was originally designed for a major US carrier who needed a better solution for moving ULDs

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • True forklift freedom 

  • Ball transfer floor

  • One FBP for all base sizes: A, K x2, L, M, N x2, Q x2, S x2

  • 15,000 lb capacity with 3X factor of safety

  • Easy to use locks can sustain high impact loads, and are user serviceable.

  • Safe to walk on floor means ULD build-up is faster, easier, and safer.

Safe to walk on and easy to use, the FBP streamlines your operations while satisfying ULD handling regulations.

Available for purchase, lease, or rent.

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